How to write calligraphy ?

You want to learn calligraphy but you have no idea how to begin ? What do you need to master handwritting ?

In this short cours you will learn basics about this art. Have fun!

learn calligraphy

What is calligraphy?

Calligraphy is one of the oldest art of communication. It’s some kind of painting. Our ancestors have created this art in order to protect their culture and pass it on to the new generation. In the past, several civilizations have used the calligraphy and now it is part of their identity such as Islamic , chinese and medival calligraphy.

How to write calligraphy?

To begin learning this art you will need a few things : pencil, black Ink, araser, a practice sheet and  Flat tipped pen nib (a shiny gold part of a pen). Choose a basic fonts form this website and print all alphabet letters on a paper. Begin with most simple letters such as “C”. On the practice sheet, paint the “C” with a thin line using the pencil. And then use the pen nib to paint over . You will need to practice strokes and lines for about 10 times in each letters before you get a good result. Within few days, you will find your self more confortable with the pen nib.

How to do calligraphy with a sharpie?

When you buy a Calligraphy Set, be sure that it comes with 3 easily changed nibs.  A 1.1mm, a 1.5mm and a big fat 1.9mm  nib. Most of the time, it comes also with a mix of black and brown ink cartridges.  Personally I really love the black because of the shading and the fact that it has sort of an old timey look and feel to it.

Calligraphy letters az

These is some printable calligraphy alphabet a to z  letters. It includes uppercase and lowercase. Feel free to use it.
calligraphy letters az